Business Class Telecom Services

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Top telephony technology at lowest costs

Whether you need standard telephony services, with normal tariff, Premium Rate numbers or GreenLines Free of Charge to end users, long numbers or short numbers, MEDIA SAT can provide you everything you need!

Besides that, you can drop out the ancient PBX and start using our Virtual PBX Service, Alonia Business, which offers you multiple smart features.

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Fixed Telephony

Fixed VoIP Telephony at top level and low costs in all national and international networks

Searching for complete fixed telephony services? Individual phone lines, ISDN-PRAs that allow up to 30 simultaneous calls or SIP trunks plus complete virtual PBX services, at MEDIA SAT you find them all!

And because we care about your budget, we offer you low costs in all fixed and mobile networks across the country and unlimited free calls with any MEDIA SAT subscriber.

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Individual VoIP accounts

SIP Trunks with up to 120 simultaneous calls, depending on your preference

VoIP connections - SIP Trunks with up to hundreds of simultaneous calls or ISDN-PRAs with 30 simultaneous calls in case you use a Classical PBX

Standard numbering Geographic (e.g. 031.82.XX.XXX) and Non-Geographic (e.g. 0373.74.XX.XX)

Other optional types of numbering – Premium Rate Numbers, GreenLine Numbers, Short Numbers 021.990X or 1XXX

Unlimited free calls with any MEDIA SAT subscriber

Reduced costs in other networks from Romania and abroad

Optional - Alonia Business Virtual PBX Services

Monthly subscriptions

Business Line

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without VAT


(30 simultaneous calls)


without VAT


(30 simultaneous calls)


without VAT


groups of 10 numbers


without VAT

Tariffs for National Calls



Fixed National Networks

0.01 EUR/min w/o VAT

Mobile National Networks

0.015 EUR/min w/o VAT

Tariffs for International Calls


*Above Tariffs are quoted for the usual destinations and do not include tariffs to prefixes with expensive costs. See here the detailed list of tariffs. Charging is done per rounded minute.

**If an unspecified destination is called in the detailed list of international rates, Alonia reserves the right to charge that destination at a rate that reflects Alonia's costs for that destination.

Emergency calls and short numbers

Calls to the emergency number (112), social services numbers (116000) and green numbers (0800) are free of charge.

For calls to Telekom’s Information Service (1951/1958), tariff is 0.273 EUR/ min; for Telekom National Services (1921/1930) and for Short Numbers (0219 XXX / 02 AB 9XX / 0319 XXX / 03 AB 9XX) the tariff is 0.013 EUR / min.

Tariffs are in EURO and do not include VAT.

*Class 0 Telephony services, according to ANCOM’s Decision no. 138 / 2002

GreenLine Numbers

Free Phone Lines for customer relations

If you want to offer your customers free assistance services, our GreenLine numbers are the right choice!

The allocated telephone numbers are from the 0800.460.XXX range, opened in the main fixed and mobile telephone networks in Romania. We provide you with the perfect solution to get closer to your customers

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Choose a Free of Charge Telephone Number for end-users, ideal for your customer service

Numbers from 0800.460.XXX range opened in the most important telecom networks in Romania

MEDIA SAT telephone numbers assigned based on ANCOM numbering license

Multiple routing options – by installing a new VoIP or ISDN telephone line, or by forwarding calls to your existing Call Center phone numbers

GreenLines Tariffs

Monthly subscription

19 EUR without VAT

Calls originated in fixed telephony networks in Romania

0.02 EUR/min without VAT

Calls originated in mobile telephony networks in Romania

0.07 EUR/min without VAT

*Class 0 Telephony services, according to ANCOM’s Decision no.138 / 2002

Short numbers

Easy to remember, easy to call

If you want to give your customers an easy-to-remember customer relationship number that they can dial fast, our short numbers are the perfect choice!

MEDIA SAT can assign you normal tariff 7-digit numbers, 021.9XXX type, as well as 4-digit numbers, type 1XXX, with Normal Tariff, Free of Charge or with Premium Rate.

Comandă acum

Allocation of Short Numbers with normal tariff of type 021.990X and 1XXX

Short numbers with surcharge of type 1XXX opened in the mobile networks in Romania

Multiple routing options by installing a new telephone connection, VoIP or ISDN or by forwarding to your existing numbers in the Call Center

Premium Rate Numbers

Premium Rate Telephone Lines for every type of Call Center service

Do you want to sell your services using surcharged telephone lines? MEDIA SAT offers you the Premium Rate numbers you need!

Opened in the most important fixed and mobile telephony networks, MEDIA SAT’s numbers are allocated based on ANCOM license and we also have our own call center platform, Alonia Business

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Premium Rate telephone lines available in: Orange, Vodafone, Telekom and Telekom Mobile

Multiple routing options – by installing a new VoIP or ISDN connection or by forwarding calls to your existing Call Center numbers

Significant reductions for the monthly subscriptions and also for the required VAS platform investment

MEDIA SAT numbers assigned based on the license from the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania

0900.760.XXX – Premium Rate Services charged per call

0903.760.XXX - Information, support, consultancy or non-adult entertainment Premium Rate Services

0906.760.XXX - Premium Rate Adult Services

International Numbers

International customers call like home

Does your business have an international presence? Be closer to your customers by giving them the opportunity to call you on a local number from their country, at the local rate, as if you were there, with them.

MEDIA SAT can assign you international numbers from over 100 countries, having partnerships with numerous international operators.

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Allocation of International Numbers with Normal Tariff from over 100 countries

Virtual numbering allocated through partnerships with numerous international telephone operators

Multiple routing options - by installing a new VoIP SIP telephone connection (optional TDM ISDN-PRA alternative) or by forwarding to your existing numbers in the Call Center

Virtual PBX VoIP Services

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Based on Cloud Computing technology, Alonia Business services offer you more than just a regular PBX! You will have the freedom to connect from multiple locations, to work from any place, even from home, and you will have the opportunity to communicate via extensions with your employees or colleagues anytime, anywhere. Alonia Business is the service that makes your work easier because you can be in your office wherever you are.

Cloud Computing Technology

Freedom to communicate

via extensions wherever you are

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Pre-recorded welcome message

to greet your customers

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Voicemail messages

sent via email or listened on the user web interface

5 phone lines and 1000 minutes packages

in any fixed and mobile network in Romania

IVR - Pre-recorded interactive menu

that allows callers to select different options

Follow-me – intelligent automatic routing

to multiple phone numbers, based on availability

Call recording

on the selected extensions

Conference calls

organized from the administration web interface




Small but ambitious company? Few but very professional people? Anyone who calls you needs to know that! Greet your clients and partners with a professional pre-recorded welcome message before they type the desired extension or call the reception.

Did you move your office this week into your living room or even better, at the seaside? Perfect! Wherever you are, you can connect to your office phone and receive calls as if you were actually in the office. Do you need a vacation? Your future customers can leave you voicemail messages that we’ll send via email or that you could listen on your user web interface.

Pre-recorded Welcome Messages, forwarding calls, virtual fax, 5 phone lines, free calls in Alonia network and 1000 minutes available in other fixed and mobile networks in Romania. If you have more employees, you can buy more packages and expand your Virtual PBX.




Do you want all the features of an Intelligent PBX and the freedom that Cloud Computing has to offer? Alonia Business PREMIUM Services are the best choice.

Greet your clients and partners with a pre-recorded welcome message and an Interactive Voice Response Menu that allows them to select their options depending on the time of their call. Record the calls on selected extensions like customer support or set-up your own Professional Call Center with remote agents.

Conference calls, forwarding calls, virtual fax, 5 phone lines, free calls in Alonia network and 1000 minutes available in other fixed and mobile networks in Romania. If you have more employees, you can buy more packages and expand your Virtual PBX.

Package Details



Company employees can call each other on extensions (short numbers) and can transfer calls between extensions wherever they are located

Calls to any MEDIA SAT or Alonia subscriber are free of charge, being able to discuss with your partners in our network without any costs unlimited

Each package includes 5 phone lines and 1000 minutes to Romanian fixed and mobile networks

Each package includes 5 PSTN numbers, geographic (format 031.XX.XX.XXX or 03AB.XXX.XXX) or non-geographic (format 037.XX.XX.XXX), including for fax if required

With Alonia Business you have the complete telephony solution for your company – all PBX functionalities needed plus the actual telephony service. Each package includes 5 telephony lines that allow 5 simultaneous inbound and outbound calls

The pre-recorded Welcome message offers you a professional image in front of your partners and potential clients, allowing the caller to listen at the beginning of each call a standard welcome message or your own custom pre-recorded message.

Service enables a user to call any other user or service set on the company V-PBX dialling the extension (short number) allocated.

Voice Mail enables Alonia Business users to receive voice messages when they cannot answer the calls.

Service allows to listen to the recorded messages on the web interface and/or transmit them as attachments on the e-mail address of the user.

Call forward makes it possible to forward incoming calls to any number. This feature is useful also in the case one of the V-PBX users is connected via an unstable Internet connection, during Internet downtime, calls are routed to the alternative number (e.g. employee’s mobile phone). Service is configured in the web interface and uses 2 channels, one for inbound and one for outbound.

Virtual Fax service enables full fax functionality, without the need of the actual physical device and allows sending fax documents via web interface.

Blocking calls to certain types of destinations (e.g. international calls) for cost control purposes. Blocking can be enabled via web interface.

The Web Interface allows users to manage functionalities and view or export billing information to Microsoft Excel

Feature is recommended mostly for call-centers or large companies with many employees in each department. People calling the company do not get a busy line signal (in case all lines are busy), but a message that informs about their position in the queue. When a call is ended, the first caller in the waiting queue will be automatically transferred to the available employee designated to answer. The other callers move up in the queue and a proper message is played to them.

Employees that respond to calls in the queue can be registered by default or can login/logout on the queue from the web interface.

In the standard package there is only one queue included, allowing up to 5 simultaneous calls. In case additional queues are needed, there is a separate tariff for the service (see Additional Modules section)

Follow me service insures call connection through successive forwarding to several numbers of the user, according to his pre-defined list.

This feature is a special case of the Queuing service, using linear routing strategy, and allows indicating not only one, but many numbers the user may be found at and to which calls can be forwarded.

Service attempts to route each call to the first number on the list and in case of busy or not answering in a pre-defined period of time, Follow Me service routes the call to next number from the list.

Complete Recording of all conversations – incoming and outgoing – for the desired extensions (e.g. Customer Relations Service, Technical Support, etc.).

Transfer of the records via FTP and/or storage for maximum 1 month.

IVR allows the configuration of a complete selection menu, the caller being able to select any option, like routing to a certain department or to the desired extension, listening to a pre-recorded message or transferring to reception.

Service allows an incoming call to be routed to different IVR sections or to various users, depending on certain conditions. A condition may be based on several criteria built depending on one or more hourly intervals, days of the week or months of the year when the call is received.

Alonia Business allows users to organize teleconferences with as many people as the number of lines contracted.

The Teleconference is set-up in the Web Interface by creating a virtual room to which participants have access with or without password, according to user option.

The Teleconference can be activated for a limited period of time or set unlimited.

Service allows the upload of customized pre-recorded messages, that can be used on Queues or in the Interactive Menu (IVR)

Monthly Tariffs

35 € + VAT

49 € + VAT