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SMS Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payments Services

Do you want to send advertising messages via SMS in your company’s name or to implement marketing campaigns in which your customers could participate by sending SMSs to short numbers? Do you need to send SMS alerts or notifications on invoices due dates and payments automatically generated from your systems? Or maybe you want to cash in via SMS the value of your products and services?

MEDIA SAT is your ideal partner, having direct interconnections with all mobile operators in Romania and over 15 years of experience in SMS services!

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SMS Mobile Marketing

Enhance your business with Mobile Marketing

Your business stays best in your customers hands with SMS Mobile Marketing. With over 95% reading rate, SMSs ensure the maximum efficiency to your messages. Promotions, alerts and surveys, notifications and access passwords via SMS, sent through integration with your systems or directly from our web portal, they are all at your fingertips with the SMS Services from MEDIA SAT

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Promotional SMS Messages
Automated SMS Transmissions
Interactive SMS Campaigns on Short Numbers
SMS Alerts and Notifications
Website Users Validation via SMS
SMS surveys
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Promotions, notifications or alerts to send? SMS is the best communication tool for short, instant messages, and MEDIA SAT is your ideal partner, with an infrastructure that allows the transmission of over 1,000,000 SMSs/hour per client.

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Like every marketing campaign, sending advertising SMSs must have a tangible outcome. Discover how you can improve your campaign’s performance through our detailed reports.

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Organize SMS campaigns using on short numbers or SMS contests with participation via SMS, personalize and streamline your campaigns and make share your message most efficiently. Make sure everyone knows about your promotions.

Why SMS Mobile Marketing?

Because the message is correctly very well targeted to on your consumer base

Because it is a modern way to communicate with potential customers and to strengthen the loyalty of existing clients

Because you can build your customer databases and develop a direct and lasting relationship with them

Because more than 98% of the SMS messages are read before being deleted

The communication tool with the highest development potential currently

What do SMS Mobile Marketing services include?

Advertising messages, notifications and alerts, campaigns and SMS contests

Sending standard or customized SMSs

Campaign management and online reporting

Drawing and Authentication of the Campaign’s Rules

Creating Telemarketing Script

SMS application software

Picking up system with a secure electronic algorithm, with or without a public notary

SMS polls

Database Management

Call Center - Info Line

Web-hosting for the campaign site

SMS Mobile Payments

Add more value to your business with Mobile Payments & VAS

The SMS payment solution is the most convenient and secure payment method currently available on the market, because it doesn’t depend on someone’s location and because no personal data or details of the bank accounts are required.

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SMS Payments

Interactive Premium Rate Services

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Services can be used anywhere, anytime through the mobile phone. The user does not need Internet access, this payment method using exclusively SMSs

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We offer SMS payments available through our direct contracts with all mobile operators in Romania. We process both one-time and recurring payments, without monthly actions needed from clients

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Our consultants are at your disposal for creating the application’s design, the SMS payments service being an important mean to increase customer satisfaction and also a way to streamline the company's business

Why SMS Mobile Payments & VAS?

Because mobile penetration rate is over 100% of the population

Because mobile phones have become indispensable to anyone, wherever they are

Because SMS payment is the most convenient and secure payment method currently available

For having satisfied and relaxed consumers

To eliminate billing costs

To eliminate cash-in management efforts

To record payments automatically and in real time

For the independence of customer payments from your company's locations or any banking branch

For adding Simplicity, Convenience and Rapidity to your company's services or products

What do SMS Mobile Payments & VAS services include?

Payments for various services and products, both online and offline

Interactive TV services via SMS and Voice, Voting and Opinion on TV

Consultancy services by phone using Premium Rate Lines

Automatic Monthly charging for subscriptions to your services

Premium information and entertainment services, both on SMS and Voice

Premium Rate Chat services, Voice and SMS

Cashing in online and offline ads

... and many more