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Your company’s journey is easier in Business Class!

Whether you need Internet access or Telephony services, a trustworthy Data Center or a SMS service provider to help you communicate with your clients or to cash in for your products and services, we offer you complete, smart and friendly solutions at an excellent quality as we’ve already accustomed our clients and partners.

For 25 years we are their reliable provider and one of the leading B2B telecom operators in Romania. Join them to Business Class!

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Virtual PBX VoIP Services

Based on Cloud Computing technology, Alonia Business services offer you more than just a regular PBX! You will have the freedom to connect from multiple locations, to work from any place, even from home, and you will have the opportunity to communicate via extensions with your employees or colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Alonia Business is the service that makes your work easier because you can be in your office wherever you are.

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SMS Services

With over 15 years of experience in providing SMS services, MEDIA SAT offers complete solutions for SMS Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payments and Value Added Services SMS.

Do you want to send Advertising Messages, Alerts or Notifications via SMS, organize Marketing Campaigns on Short Numbers or cash in via SMS the value of your products and services? MEDIA SAT is your ideal partner for top SMS Services on the Romanian market.




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The most complex and innovative telecom solutions that will help you win the business efficiency race are at your disposal

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User-Friendly is difficult to translate, but we’re doing it every day through our services in order for you to know that we’re here for you anytime

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MEDIA SAT’s core activity makes us proud for managing to deliver excellent services for over 20 years with passion and through our team’s dedication