Complete fixed telephony services

Fixed VoIP Telephony at top level and low costs in all national and international networks

Searching for complete fixed telephony services? Individual phone lines, ISDN-PRAs that allow up to 30 simultaneous calls or SIP trunks plus complete virtual PBX services, at MEDIA SAT you find them all! And because we care about your budget, we offer you low costs in all fixed and mobile networks across the country and unlimited free calls with any MEDIA SAT subscriber

  • Individual VoIP accounts
  • SIP trunks with up to 120 simultaneous calls, depending on your preference
  • VoIP connections - SIP Trunks with up to hundreds of simultaneous calls or ISDN-PRAs with 30 simultaneous calls in case you use a Classical PBX
  • Standard numbering Geographic (e.g. 031.82.XX.XXX)
    and Non-Geographic (e.g. 0373.74.XX.XX)
  • Optional other types of numbering - Premium Rate Numbers, GreenLine Numbers, Short Numbers 021.990X or 1XXX, International Numbers
  • Unlimited free calls with any MEDIA SAT subscriber
  • Reduced costs in other networks from Romania and abroad
  • Optional - Alonia Business Virtual PBX Services

Monthly subscriptions

without VAT
(30 simultaneous calls)
without VAT
(30 simultaneous calls)
without VAT
groups of 10 numbers
without VAT

Tariffs for National Calls

MEDIA SAT, Alonia Free
Fixed National Networks 0.01 EUR/min w/o VAT
Mobile National Networks 0.015 EUR/min w/o VAT

Tariffs for International Calls

Country Fixed EUR/min Mobile EUR/min

*Above Tariffs are quoted for the usual destinations and do not include tariffs to prefixes with expensive costs. See here the detailed list of tariffs. Charging is done per rounded minute.

**If an unspecified destination is called in the detailed list of international rates, Alonia reserves the right to charge that destination at a rate that reflects Alonia's costs for that destination.

Emergency calls and short numbers

Calls to the emergency number (112), social services numbers (116000) and green numbers (0800) are free of charge

For calls to Telekom’s Information Service (1951/1958), tariff is 0.273 EUR/ min; for Telekom National Services (1921/1930) and for Short Numbers (0219 XXX / 02 AB 9XX / 0319 XXX / 03 AB 9XX) the tariff is 0.013 EUR / min

Tariffs are in EURO and do not include VAT

*Class 0 Telephony services, according to ANCOM’s Decision no. 138 / 2002