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EURO BROADBAND Subscriptions

We are all different, so we offer you various EURO BROADBAND packages from which you can choose the right one, according to your needs. If none of the packages below suits you, please contact a sales representative who will find the right solution for you

Max Speed Download, Mbps 16 Mbps 16 Mbps 16 Mbps
Max Speed Upload, Mbps 3 Mbps 3 Mbps 3 Mbps
Dynamic Private IP allocated behind the Satellite Modem 1 1 1
Monthly aggregated volume consumption (GB) 10 GB 30 GB 75 GB
Fair Access Policy applied per package Max 256kbps after 10GB Max 256kbps after 30GB Max 256kbps after 75GB
Montly Subscription
Montly Option Double consumption GB
Euro Broadband Equipment
Euro Broadband Equipment Price
PROMOTION – Activation Fee Free of Charge

Values do not include VAT.
* The price of the Euro Broadband equipment is 1,782 lei without VAT at the reference exchange rate of 4.82 lei / Euro.

Euro Broadband equipment price includes a 0.75 m Satellite Antenna with a special TRIA installation kit, TRIA and a Satellite Internet Modem. The delivered equipment does not include the satellite antenna mounting and the coaxial cable between TRIA and Modem.

The Activation Fee includes the activation of the Euro Broadband Services on Satellite and the transport of the Euro Broadband equipment at the location required or, if indicated by the Beneficiary, at the offices of one of the authorized MEDIA SAT Installers,  which would carry the equipment at the installation site when executing the work. The authorized installer does not have the right to charge an additional fee for Euro Broadband Equipment transport. The Activation Fee is 275 EUR without VAT with 100% Discount applied when buying Euro Broadband Equipment from MEDIA SAT.

**The customer benefits from a 100% discount on the Activation Fee when buying Euro Broadband equipment from MEDIA SAT, for a contract with a minimum 1 year period.

***In order to protect the general subscriber base from congestion due to excessive Internet usage on the standard packages by certain users, MEDIA SAT can apply a Fair Access Policy depending on the contracted package, having the right to temporarily restrict the data transfer speed when certain GB consumption thresholds are exceeded. If a user who has temporarily been restricted wants an immediate return to unrestricted transfer speed, the user can purchase Volume Booster Packages of 1 GB at the price of 7 EUR without VAT / 1 GB. Volume Boosters can be purchased and activated by simply calling MEDIA SAT Customer Support Service, available Non-Stop, and they will be charged in the next month's invoice.

****Double Consumption GB option for Euro Broadband can be enabled / disabled during the duration of the Contract. Once activated, you can request deactivation after at least 30 days.

*****Installation can be done by the Client or, for an installation fee, by MEDIA SAT’s Authorized Installers. The installation fee is negotiated directly with the installer, depending on location, and is charged directly by the installer at the time of execution.

Minimum duration of contract is 1 year.